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Okorie Konsult provides electrical and lighting products and solutions to home owners and building professionals. We appreciate the busy schedules of our clients and have designed products and services that fit their lifestyles.

The difference:

We save you the time to roam about in town looking for quality lights, electrical products and accessories and the stress of worrying whether the artisan/ person you send has actually bought and supplied the right items in the right quantities by delivering the products right to your doorstep.

We stock all kinds of quality lighting; electrical products and accessories. We also provide advice on your building project and help you plan your purchases to suit your budget.

Why Buy from us ? 

•Savings in cost – we have experienced professionals who vet estimates provided to you by your artisan/ contractor to ensure waste is minimized.

•Time savings – products can be brought to your office/ home. This will save you the trouble of combing around town looking for products.

•Quality products to your exact specification – with OKL you do not have to worry about whether the products are the right ones or not, because we make them available for your/your representative’s inspection.

•Delivery – we deliver all products to your chosen destination in Accra.

Site visit/ inspection

We also provide free site inspection to help you choose lights for the various spaces in your building.
Engage us to help you choose the best lights to suit your property – all within your budget !